IPAS2 System Product Launch with IPAS 2

Last night Bren and I were on the way out for dinner and we shot this quick video.  We are really excited about the launch of the IPAS 2 System tomorrow.  We have been waiting since January for the launch of this franchise-like system.

The IPAS2 Marketing System was designed to help online entrepreneurs attract more leads and bring more money into their companies.

IPAS, or Internet Prospect Acceleration System, is an online marketing business model originally developed by Chris Campbell and Chris Jones in 2011.

This new version offers plenty of training features to help businesses find more leads than they ever thought was possible and to create new ways of bringing in income.

Watch our video about IPAS2 System below…

How Does This New iPas 2 System Work?

A lot of online marketers and business owners areanxiously waiting to see how IPAS2 system will enhance their business incomes. There are several tools the iPAS 2 System to help business owners grow. The system features pre-build sales funnels that are designed to educate users on the basic fundamentals of marketing their businesses online. This includes a comprehensive educational video series.

The goal of this platform is to train marketers about the pitfalls that cause most novices to fail in their income generating efforts and how they can avoid them. The iPAS2 system is available on September 8, 2014 at noon EST. The system is also part of and connected to the Empower Network program, and is an exceptional educational platform of the successful blogging program.

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Article: IPAS2 System Product Launch with IPAS 2