IPAS2 System Product Launch - Did You Get IPAS 2 Yet?

We are really excited for the launch of the IPAS 2 System today, September 8, 2014.  We have been waiting since January for the launch of this franchise-like system.

IPAS, or Internet Prospect Acceleration System, is an online marketing business model originally developed by Chris Campbell and Chris Jones in 2011.

The IPAS 2 System "Franchise"

The IPAS 2 System was designed to help entrepreneurs attract more leads and create more profits for their online businesses.

The reason it can be referred to as a franchise-like system is because it really is turn-key.

Burger Restaurant vs Burger Franchaise

Let us use the example of a restaurant vs a franchise.

What do you think has a better chance of success?  A franchise, like McDonalds, where they have a great location, established menu, established procedures, established suppliers, established training, etc?  Or a restaurant that has to develop all of this on its own? 

Which is more work?

I think the answer is pretty obvious.

The same applies to internet marketing.  What is easier?  A system that has everything setup for you already, where you can even buy traffic for it, and has everything else including coaches for your customers, OR something where you are given the products & training, and you have figure it all out on your own?

Ok, I think the answer is pretty obvious isn't it?

The Choice is Obvious

So the natural choice is to get something that is ready to go, easy to use, and has the ability to make you a lot of money like the IPAS 2 System

Learn more about the IPAS 2 System by clicking here and checking out this IPAS2 System Review.

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Article: IPAS2 System Product Launch - Did You Get IPAS 2 Yet?